Flexible conduit KCP; KCPY, KCPC, KCPS, KCPG for plant




CONNECTORS High flexibility · high tension · long life · waterproof · good design · many kinds of connectors for all kinds of industrial machines, NC and MC-machines, machine tools, plants. usable temperature from –15°C~+120°C (KCPC: -50°C~+125°C, oil and chemical resistant by special order)
Straight connector 45° 90° angle connector
Cannon plug(MS connector) joint connector
Combination connector
Limit switch joint connectors(straight, 45°/90° angle)
KCP:H.D.G steel strip / vinyl sheathing KCPY:H.D.G steel strip / yarn seal / vinyl sheathing KCPS:SUS / vinyl sheathing KCPC:H.D.G steel strip / vinyl sheathing KCPG:H.D.G steel strip / bonding strip / vinyl sheathing Wound metal conduits with engaged profile made of high grad zinced steel strip, with yarn seal(KCPY) or bonding strip(KCPG), with black vinyl sheathing. (gray by special order)