Circular Robot Chain


Types Circular robot chain

Circular robot chain SCC-0070

Dimensions in mm : Pitch 68 Bending radius KR : 100 Standard colour : black Maximum temperatures : -30℃ + 130℃ Length : 45 High :35

Circular robot chain SCC-0100

Dimensions in mm Pitch: 100 Bending radius KR : 125 Standard colour : black Maximum temperatures : -30℃ + 130℃ Length : 100 High :50

Circular robot chain SCC-0080

Dimensions in mm Pitch: 80 Bending radius KR : 100, 150 Standard colour : black Maximum temperatures : -30℃ + 130℃ Length : 65 High :30

More types Plastic chain

Circular robot chain characteristics

Characteristic and Merit

Domestically developed perfectly closed-up type Steel Cable Carrier Chain. Use of structure: As perfect closedup type applied to Iron manufacturing equipment, conveyance equipment, machine tool, industrial machine, industrial plant equipment, automobile industry, ironworks, rolling equipments, harbor equipments, etc. this is a Perfect Steel Cable Carrier Chain.

Special Features

  1. Applicable to use environment of both directions of cable or hose
  2. Various sizes of installing support tray
  3. Fixing two steel brackets (fixed by screw to end part of both side)
  4. Can assemble without dismantling cable or hose (easy to install)
  5. Corrosion free
  6. Pleasing appearance
  7. Above 200。, special accessory is required, white above 360。impossible to install
  8. Speed of transportation 180。/sec

Material of duct parts

KS-PA strengthens glass fibre and standard color basic is black

Provide the following information

  1. Number and outside diameter of the cable/hoses to be installed(with/without and fittings)
  2. Weight of all cables and hoses(including hose contents)
  3. Minimum bending radius of cable/hoses (acc, to manufacturer’s specification)
  4. Movable distance and radius of rotation
  5. Max acceleration/deceleration
  6. Available mounting width, height
  7. Working environment temperature, humidity, radiation, etc