Bellow Cover



ㆍGUIDE WAY width Amm
ㆍTail end measurement Bmm
ㆍWidth of guide slot Cmm
ㆍThe guide slot from the side of the guide Dmm
ㆍDepth of guide slot E mm
ㆍHeight of wiper F mm
ㆍDepth of wiper G mm


ㆍHeight of the movable part H mm under mm
ㆍSide measurement of the movable part Imm up to
ㆍunder side Jmm up to
ㆍWidth of the cover Mmm under
ㆍOverhang of the cover Kmm
ㆍSmallest contraction point Qmm
ㆍLength of cover Lmm
ㆍBiggest contraction point Qmm
ㆍStopping distance of the table Smm

● THE SURFACE MATERIAL(please choose one)

ㆍBUFF ㆍBLACK stain ㆍzinc plating


SPEED m seconds/m minutes Position(horizontal vertical perpendicular). Frequency hours/days

(if there are obstructions such as the, limit switch, please inform us)


– TELESCOPE COVER : Please tell us the number corresponding to the shape on page one. NUMBER

– position of the roller : Leave it up to us or let us know yourself.


■ Square-shaped Bellows

● Characteristics

– Possible to manufacture any shape.

– Material quality is simple to any use.

– Anti-stagnant, anti-abrasion and dur ability are excellent.

– Transporting fee is small due to light weight, so this is economical

■ Type of square-Shaped Bellows

※ Any type outside of the above can be manufactured, so contact

us for negotiation!

■ Major material quality

As material used for body of square-shaped bellows, there is NTP Sheet. NTP is the best sheet with excellent intensity, including geat-resisting, oil-resistings, weather-resisting, anti-abrasion and crookendness as mechanical material of Bellows. Special care/atttention should be given to similar type on appearance, and it is necessary to bear in mind that the difference of value is big. Indifference for material quality would drop the quality of product.


■ Structure

1. BELLOWS body is used. The thickmess of Sheet is respectively 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm and 1.2mm as standard ones, and for selection of SHEET, it is decided by bellows width, pitch standard and required intensity.

Thickness of SHEET is roughly 0.35mm~1.2mm

Steel plate is used and thickness of steel plate is 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.3mm, 3.2mm as standard types.

3. Intermediate Support Plate (SLIDE PLATE)
Using steel plate, strong vinyl chloride and veneer board and keeping the body of Bellows from touching directly the SLIDE surgace

and for convenience of manufacture, it also include connecting role of bellows body by setting each SLIDE PLATE to Bellows number



ROLLER is fixed to SLIDE part so that Bellow can reciprocate smoothly.Mainly Nylon resin is used as material The shape can be changeable according to type in addition to the picture seen.

Insmall and middle-typed BELLOWS, SLIDE SHOE consisted of brass(BSP) or synthetic resin is used instead of ROLLER.

It functions as connecting BELLOWS body to intermediate support plate.

Please refer to the following item

When BELLOWS is shrinked, like the picture, BRACKET is set, if there is nos spare on SLIDE surface of machine tool. This time, it is important to establish that connecting point between SLIDE surface and BRACKET would not restrict the reciprocation of BELLOWS.

■ Chain Tool
This ins mainly installed to which stroke of bellow is long or to which bellows width is broad, helping Bellow have smooth reciprocation.

1. TOGGLE method

2. PANTGRAPH method(applied to machine with speed under 6m/sec )

This method is not limited to BED purpose of horizontal use and it is alse installed to CLOSS RASIL use upon necessary.

3. Other method :

There are BELT method, Limited TAPE method, etc.

■ Outline Design Standard of BELLOWS

1. How to decide PITCH of BELLOWS
Considering SPACE to install such as Roller and TOGGLE PLATE, etc. in limited measurement of H3, W3, W4 in the picture or PANTOGRAPH, etc. the remained SPACE becomes PITCH of BELLOWS,provieded, however, that you should aboid SPACE occupied by Wiper, such case where there is Wiper at both sides of table. Please pay attention to this point.

2. BELLOWS width and pitch
If we refer to P brank of the attached table after Pitch of Bellows is decided, there is L. MIN standard for necessary STROKE.

3. L.MAX(Developed length of Bellows)

Like the picture L.MAX of Bellow becomes L.MIN of STROKE + BELLOWS of TABLE, AS for L.MAX, please think of Open PITCH =Mt. number. This time, L.MIN is important element along with L.MAX for Bellows. It may be proper to catch L.MIN as the least, if possible, there is a limit by pitch of bellows. Such case where SPACE of L.MIN is limited, L.MIN of Bellows can be reduced if we re-dece Mt. number while making pitch bigger.

L.MIN of Bellows has a small difference according to PITCE, but you may take it as about 60mm of 10Mt.

4. Example of Take-up
① When MIN of Bellows(length when shrinked) is 600m/m and OVERHANG of TABLE is 500m/m, BELLOWS is taken up and 600m/m=1, 100m/m, that is, BED extension of 1,100m/m should bedone.

② Take-up plate of BELLOWS taken up to A part and B part Bellows body should be fully made horizon with SLIDE surface of BED, you should be mindful of this.


■ Condition

Oil-resisting, water-proofing(necessary, yes, no) Degree(in details) Besides, such case where there are obstacles such as lomit switch, etc. please indicate the position correctly.

■ How to order

Roller position:please indicate the position at option or when designated.

■ Cylinder-type BELLOWS

■ Major Materials

NYLON TARPAULIN is mainly used to cylinder-type BELLOWS, as coating and processing vynil chloride resin to both sides of Nylon fiber.

With respect to water-resisting degree, tension-resisting, tensile elasticity, tensile strength, it is excellent, while the heat-resisting is about 60??and such case where BELLOWS requires of heat-resisting, separately NTP sheet is used.

■ Structure
Constituted with Nylon Tarpaulin and steel line(SWP).

By using tension-resisting of Tarpaulin, steel line RING is inserted for manufacturing and the line diameter of RING becomes thicker, as the outer diameter of BELLOWS becomes larger, Available scope of manufacturing.

■ Supporting Stucturerials :

If cylinder BELLOWS Grows longer or poerated by being installed horizontally, the midways part of BELLOWS hands down, so in order to help smooth poeration of BELLOWS, supporting structure like the picture(made from PVC plate and PVC pipe or gun metal) is installed at each proper interval.

■ Calculation standard of dimension

1. Making the inside diameter of BELLOWS as standard, the inside diameter of Bellows is decided giving consideration to Clearance of 8mm rather than Shaft(ROD) diameter and outside diameter of Bellows is decided as bigger than the inside diameter accordingto chart.

2. Making set-caliber as standard, However, when limitde by length of shrinkage(MIN), it becomes bigger that chart PIT(as outside diameter of Bellows becomes bigger) and this time, wrinkles happens at gully part of Bellows, somewhat appearance of product is bad, but there is no trouble in using.

■ BELLOWS Dimension Standard table

■ Open-type BELLOWS

By opening and closing the open-part with FASTNER or MAGIC Tape like picture, not dissolving the already assembled machine, it can easily install Bellows. However, be mindful of Bellows outside diameter growing bigger compared to general Bellows.(and MIN)

■ How to install

Both section of cylined-type Bellows can be installed with FLANCE

of BAND like picture below.

■ Matters clarified when ordering

1. L.MIN 2. STROKE 3. SHAFT or ROD diameter
4. Condition of use(heat-resisting, oil-resisting, pressure)

5. Position of use(Horizon, vertical, others)
6. speed of reciprocation

7. Diameter of the part taken up.(inside&outside diameter of FLANGE when it is FLANGE)