SHINSUNG drag chains are used where energy has to be supplied to mobile machine parts or apparatus.

SHINSUNG drag chains have already been in use for many years in
mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering, the automobile
industry, in smelting plants and rolling mills, in materials-handing
technology, in nuclear technology and in the offshore area, to name
but a few branches:they have become a by-word in quality for
optimalie careful-laying of supply lines.
SHINSUNG drag chains act as a carrying, leading and protective
element at one and the same time for all supply cables and hoses.

■ Assembly

SHINSUNG drag chains consist of two or more chain bands, running paralle to one another, and made of high grade, surface galvanized sheet steel. Chain bands of rust and acid resistant material available on request.
The Chain bands are connected at intervals by stays. The stays, which can be supplied in various designs, take up the supply leads to be led in bore holes or opening. The drag chains are constructed in such a way that the curvature radius necessary in use is always guaranteed.
The leads laid are thus not subject to any kind of mechanical tress.
The chain joints block in the opposite direction.
There are hardly any special structural requirements for connecting a SHINSUNG drag chain to mobile machinery.

■ Reasons for using SHINSUNG drag chains

– No wear on cables and hoses
– Long life of lines assured by protection from mechanical stress
– Avoidance of periods of disturbance and down time
– Little space required – Simple assembly
– Low maintenance requirements – Good visual improession
– Short delivery times for standard measurements

※ To calculate a technical offer we need the following details:
– Number and outside diameter of the cables/hoses to be
installed(with/without fittings)
– Weight of all cables and hoses including hose contents
– Mini. bending radius of cables/hoses acc. to manufacturer’s
– Length of travel mobile unit.
– Maximum acceleration/deceleration
– Speed of travel
– Frequency of travel
– Type of application drawing if possible
– Working environment

Chain Connection

The fixed point connection should be laid in the middle of the travel length. This arrangement yields the shortest connection between the fixed point and the mobile unit, and thus also the most economic lengths of drag chain, cables and hoses. Connection is made by the connection angles which are fastened to the ends of the chain bands with bolts.

■ Installation Variations

SHINSUNG drag chains can, apart from for normal horizontal
movements, also be used for vertical, circular and combined
horizontal/vertical movements.

A flat surface is required to support the drag chain. This surface must
be kept clear in the chains working area. Should the given conditions
be insufficient, then a trough should be employed.
Should the stay cross-section of a cable drag chain prove inadequate
because of the maximum permissible stay width, then the cables and
hoses should be distributed over several stays.
Depending on the space availabel, the drag chains can be arranged to
run as multiple band chains, within one another, or running in opposing

■ Connection Variants

For the chain types 0650.1, 0950, 1250 and 1800 the connecting
angles at the fixed point and at the driver can also be fastened
turned by 90°to the chain as flange connection(Variants 5 to 16).

※ Please indicate the desired, connection variant on your order.

■ Overview of Types (Measurement in mm)


-BK = width drag chain
-Bst = width of stay
c = distance between openings in hole stays
d = diameter of bore hole stays, or
clerance heightin frame stays
D = 1.1 d for electric cables
D = 1.2 d for hoses
Minimum supplement = 2
-hG = chain link height
-KR = Bending radius
-Lf = self-supporting chain length
-LS = Unit’s travel length
-tG = chain pitch
-ST = thickness of divider stays

Futer bending radius on request.
We reserve the right to make technical improvement.

■ Chain type

■ Overview of Types for dual-band chains

depending on additional load

■ Stay Designs

The plastic modular hole stay system enables you to create your
own customized holle stay quickly and easily. Hole stay inserts are
available for series S 1250 and SX 1250. Available hole diameters: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50mm. Please do get in touch which with us, we would be happy to advise you.

Choosing and energy feeder chain

Drag chains are designed with the following in mind:

-The number of cables and hoses to be laid, and their
external diameters (n.b. : hose diameter at operational pressure).

-Chocie of stay design
taking into account the fact that the bore hole diameter or
clearance height
D = 1.1d or 1.2 d(cable/hose diameter).

– Determine the smallest
permissible bending radius of the cables/hoses according to
manufacturer’s speification and then chose the bending radius.

-Calculate the chain length
according to the traverse and
the bending radius selected.