Plastic cable carrier SKC


Plastic cable carrier chain factory

we export plastic cable carrier chain to countries like Philippines, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan .Contact us that our advisers will help you in your requirement.

Our system offers you a complete system solution in:

  • No wear on cables and hoses
  • long life of lines assured by protection from mechanical stress
  • avoidance of periods of disturbance and down time
  • little space re queried
  • simple assembly
  • low maintenance requirements
  • good visual impression
  • short delivery timers for standard measurements

SHINSUNG SKC in installed for machine manufacturing, plant works, motor industry, assembly machine, robot and other field done with openable crossbar(bolt), it is fully closed up, so it protects connected electric wire, from becoming dirty and popplued, as in the past. Openble crossbar helps electric wire to be easily inserted and exchanged and even help the connected electric wires be installed without disjointing.
Electric wire protective Conduit, G. Flex can be installed to the direction that horizontal dir ection and horizon & vertical are
combined. With respect to movable distance, preliminary knowledge on structure in case of installing a almost not necessary.

Following instructions(matters) are required, to supply
technique fully.

  • To connect, pcs of E/W and outer dia to come next.
  • All cable E/W and weight of Conduit including contents of Conduit.
  • Minimum allowable curvature of radius of E/W (by order-giver’s
  • Movable distance
  • Speed of transportation
  • Max.acceleration delay
  • Frequent moving
  • Wide installing at option
  • Transformation of equipment/transformation of connection
    equipment chart.
    Influence of circumference (temperature, air humidity, etc