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Shinsung history


1984.02.27: Electric SHINSUNG Trading Company #32 1ka, Kwangbok-dong, Chung-ku,Busan, Korea
1986.09.01:Established a Metallic Flexible Conduits making factory in addition to Flexible Tube at 192-3, Yunj-dong, Pusanjin-Ku, Busan,KOREA
1987.01.20: Company title was changed to SHINSUNG Trading CO.,LTD. (Business Reg. Np. 605-81-10831)
1987.07.01: Succeeded in developing Flexible Conduit as localization and began to produce and sell the self products.
1989.01.01: Shinsung Trading Co.,Ltd merged Shinsung Electric Co. and was changed its as "SHINSUNG Electric Co,.Ltd."
1989.01.01: Succeeded in developing Cable Drag Chain as localization and began to produce and sell the produce and sell the products.


2001.04.20: Qualification of tender to Korea Hydraulicpower, nuclear power was registered, Korea hydraulic power,nuclear power Co.,Ltd.
2001.04.26:Obtained EM MARK (excellent machine,parts, materials by No.201-015, Ministry of Industry and Resources), manager of industry & resources
2001.06.01 : Acquired UL certificate, File E211627 USA UL Underwriters
2002.01.17 : Appointed by Venture enterprise, minor enterprise office Director of Minor Enterprise Association
2002.04.10 : Acquired CE Certificate,TUV Rheinland product safety GrnbH.
2002.06.08 : Obtained patent for installing system of electric wire pipe, with No.034 Director of patent agency
2003.07.25 : Recognized as CLEAN work place, certificatre No.4.96, Minister of Labor
2003.07.30 : Flexible Metal Conduit Liguid-tight. Obtained UL certificate. USA UL Underwriters
2004.03.13 : Certified as part material special enterprise, Minister of Industry & Resources
2004.03.13 : Appointed as export commercializing company, Director of Minor Enterprise
2004.10.01 Developed domestically for the first time, Cable carrier chain for Container Crane
2006.02.27 Domestical development of Connector for Non-metal flexible conduit for the first time, Invention patent obtained
2006.11.14 Capital was increased to 1,000,000.000 won from 700,000,000 Won.
2007.04.10 Appointed as minor enterprise of technical Innovation-type(INO-BIZ) Director of Minor Enterprise
2007.09.04 Factory enlarged to 1,077.90M2, Land 3,234M2, Factory area:2,541.90M2
2008.12.22 Obtained SINGLE PPM LICENCE
2009.09.25 Obtained Band hoop. U.S.A. ABS Certifications
2010.02.01 Obtained Cable tie. U.S.A. ABS Certification


Management idea

  • To pursue Technical Industry
  • To produce First grade Product
  • To honor human being

Management policy

  • Quality Improvement
  • Productivity Promotion
  • Automation of Production Line
  • Curailment of Cost
  • Customer’s Satisfaction

Actual business

Firm Title (corporation) : SHINSUNG ELECTRIC CO., LTD
Head Office : 870-5, Dalsan-Ri, Jungkwan-Myon, Kijang-Gun, Busan KOREA
Factory Location : same as above
Business Type : Manufacture
Item : Electrical Construction Material
Part for Machine Tools

Date of Establishment : Fed. 27. 1984
Outline of Factory : Land : 3,234.00㎡
Company Type : Coporation
Capital : Milion won(1,000,000,000)
Building Dite : 2,541.90 “Pyeong”
Band in transaction : The Korea First Bank, Ungsang Branch
The Korea Bank, Duckea Branch
Nos of Employee : 50 Persons
Status : Apromising Small and Medium



1990.08.31: Appointed as a Promising Small & Medium Enterprise.(By the Korea Frist Bank No. 90-20)
1991.06.25 Acquired Q'Mark.
1992.06.15: Registered as Division Team for Quality Control
1993.02.27 Acquired K.S. Permission of 1st class Metallic Flexible Conduits and Connectors.(Permit No. 9832)
1995.11.01 Constructed a new factory of 3234㎡ at 870-5 Dalsan-ri, Junkwan-myon, Kijang-Gun, Busan City, Korea.
1997.06.10 Acquired patent for Cable Drag Chains.(No.105850)
1999.11.10 Acquired ISO 9002 Production of electrical conduit & fitting and cable drag chain.
1999.12.12 Acquired Venture Company.


1) Metallic Flexible Conduits & Connectors used for machine tools and all kinds wiring.
2) Cable Drag Chain & Energy Conduits for machine tools.
a. Cable Carrier Systems for machine tools.
01. “Plastic” Cable Drag Chains HS3926-90.9000
02. “Band” Cable Drag Chains HS3926-90-9000
03. “Steel” Cable Drag Chains HS7315-89-0000
04. Cable Ducts HS8307-10-0000
05. Energy Conduits HS8307-10-0000

b. Guide way protection systems for Machine Tools.
06.Telescopic covers (Slide Covers) HS7326-90-9000
07. Bellows HS5603-00-90.00
08. Way wiper HS7619-90-90.90

3) Cable Protection Systems for all kinds of wiring Machine tools
09. Metallic flexible Conduits HS8307-10-0000
10. Nylon(Polyamide) Courrugated flexible Conduit & Connector HS3917.31-2000
11. Connector for Flexible Conduits HS7412-20-0000, HS7906-00-2000
12. Stainless Corugated flexible Conduits HS730690-2000
13. Assembly for Flame Proof flexible fittings HS8307-90-0000
14. Assembly for Increased Safety Flexible conduits HS8307-10-0000

4) Fitting for Rigid Metal Conduits
15. Normal Bends HS7307-92-0000
16. CouPlings HS7307-92-0000
17. Lock Nuts HS7318-16-0000
18. Bushing HS7307-16-0000
19. Saddle HS7307-16-0000

5) Fitting for Hanging Pipe
20. U-Clamp HS7318-16-0000
21. Pipe Hangers HS7318-16-0000
22. Pipe Clamps HS7318-16-0000
23. PipeRack HS7318-16-0000
24. Pipe Rack Clios HS7318-16-0000

6) Surface Assessory for Rigid Metal Conduits
25. Surface Switch Box HS7318-16-0000
26. Circular Switch Box HS7318-16-0000
27. Universal LL.LB.T HS7609-00-000

7) Fitting for Frame Proof
28. Cable grands HS7412-20-0000
29. Union Coupling HS7412-20-000
30. Reducer HS7412-91-0000

8) Fitting for Floor
31. Floor Covers HS7412-99-0000
32. Floor Rings HS7412-91-0000
33. Floor Box HS7412-91-0000

9) Coduit Outlet Bodies, Elbow & Tees
34. Increased Safety type Elbow & Tee LB, LR, LL, T HS7325-99-1000
35. Incerased Safety Junction Box HS7325-99-1000
36. Expolsion Proof Elbow & Tee LB, LL, LR, T HS7325-90-1000
37. Expolsion Proof Elbow Junction Box & Sealing fitting HS7325-90-1000
38. Expolsion Flexible Conduits & Turning Connectors for Electri Pedant Switch Boxes

J) Parts for Machine tools
39. Spry Nozzle for Machine Tools HS3926-90-100


64 beringarra Avenue Malaga WA 6090 – Australia
+61 (0)8 9248 6344


2673 Rue du Marlbrough court- Montreal H4K 1M2 Quebec- Canada
+1 514 336 3019


25 Oraby Street, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

el sowwar (1) association land new salheyia, sharkia, egypt
+(20) 2 35734615


Power Market CO.
6W, Magdy Salama Street, In front of Etisalat Club, Beside Technology Village, El-Maddi, Egypt
0020 2 5164236


“Sai-Siddhi”, S.No.115/3/3, Off.Baner-Mahuluange Road, Omega Residency Road, Baner, Pune-411045 (MS), India


Flex Tubes
41, Kibe Compound, Indore, Madhya Pradesh-452001, India

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